Offers, printer ink and chlamydia. Warning: lighthearted rant enclosed!

After a wait that seemed like forever, I received my pack from uni today that contained my offer letter, an offer reply slip, and advice and information on accommodation and finance. Initially, I was a bit gutted that I didn’t get placed where I wanted to be but after chatting to some other girlies who I met at the interview, we’ve all been placed at the same location and they are such wonderful people I can’t complain! Reading this was brilliant and all ‘ Yay! It’s all going so well!‘ until I got to the bit in the letter which was a reminder to send the uni my GCSE certificates as soon as possible, quote ‘ If not received within 6 weeks, the offer shall be withdrawn.’ The happy little voice in my head was suddenly screaming ‘shit!!!!‘ The thing is, I never received my GCSE certificates from secondary school and hadn’t really given it much thought, stupid I know. So, in a frantic panic I hunted down my transcript of all my GCSE grades and the examination boards used. Then, after a lot of googling, I found the exam boards online application to apply to get replacement certificates. This is where things get slightly worse. After a quick calculation, I realised that to get these replacements it was going to cost me (well my parents) around £150. Great! Bloody brilliant. So, after I talked it through with the rents and they agreed to pay for it, it was time to print off the applications from the three different examination boards websites and ………

the printer has run out of ink. At this point I am contemplating throwing myself into bed with a bottle of wine and pretending this day had never happened ( slight exaggeration but you know!). So off to PC world we go with my 3 little sisters which meant we couldn’t buy the ink until they’d had their happy meals they insisted on having as the shop is located right next to a McDonalds. ‘ da da da da da! I’m luurrrvin it!’ Well I really wasn’t lurrrvin it, especially as I am on a diet. Anyway, we buy the ink.

Everything is finally printed off, put in envelopes and ready to be sent off tomorrow. Then it was onto the student finance application. Well, things weren’t going to go my way were they haha! I have a valid UK passport but I can not find it anywhere. Anywhere at all. So, this means I have to fill out a like 30 page application on paper. Love life! They want some ID so my original birth certificate has been enclosed as requested.

And just to finish the day off, my mum accidentally opened up my chlamydia testing kit.
Before you get the wrong idea, I’m not some regularly infected woman with more STI’s than GCSES. I just like to play it safe and regularly test myself even if I haven’t really got a reason to do so. My mum has ordered me some books for uni being the sweetheart she is , one of which arrived today and the picture is below,  she thought that package was one of those books. Must have been a shock for her to realize it wasn’t her daughters ‘ Uni survival guide’ but instead her daughters chlamydia testing kit. Her response to the kit? ‘ You go girl!!’ Student nurses handbook

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