So much paperwork!

I don’t think I have ever been surrounded by so much paper in my life that I am at the moment! I have books and revision notes piled high, all the paperwork for my summer job strewn across the table and then also all the forms I need to fill out for Uni.

I recently received a package through the post from Uni regarding occupational health and criminal record checks. The occupational health forms want me to attach a pathology report, but my doctors surgery have asked me to put this request for a pathology report in writing which means it is taking a lot longer than needed. I say longer than needed because a lot of other potential students for Adult Nursing at the same uni have just phoned up their doctors surgery and walked in and got their list of injections without any fuss.

I’ve finally sent off my CRB paperwork along with the original evidence that came back from the NHS bursary people the other day. I thought that when the NHS sent back my evidence, that would be that and I’d recieve a breakdown of my bursary a few weeks later like other people I’ve spoken to. However, they are now requesting evidence of my fathers self-employment. Arghhh! I am SO confused with it all haha.

I only have one more exam to go which is on Thursday, so once that is done and out of the way I can focus on earning money to pay for a laptop/accommodation items/ new clothes/ Freshers week with my summer job. 

Results day is only 58 days away and if I do get my grades, I will be running around the place screaming with excitement. But until then, I’m trying to suppress these feelings of excitement just in case I don’t get the grades my uni require of me, to prevent myself from being too disappointed. 


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