So it’s been a while since I last blogged and I haven’t even got a good excuse for it! Things are moving on slowly but steadily with my conditional offer at uni for Adult Nursing. After my last update where I was struggling to send off my GCSE certs, I finally sent them this week. I also sent off my application for an NHS bursary and grant, oh my god that was a tricky bit of paperwork. It honestly took hours to complete and I’m convinced I’ve still done cocked it up somehow. I had to send the NHS bursary people so much evidence, such as my little sisters birth certificates, my passport, my birth certificate and my parents P60’s or something like that. But then, I received a parcel through the door from my uni with lots of forms for occupational health and DBS. It turns out I was supposed to wait until I had received this parcel before I applied for an NHS bursary as the Uni want all the evidence urgently but I can’t send it as the NHS people have it! I can’t wait until all this paperwork is out of the way,a lot of it is so confusing!

But, on a lighter note I have finished off my Student Finance application and have been informed about how much I will receive. It turns out that because I am on an NHS funded course, I will receive a reduced maintenance loan which is non-means tested. It means that in general all us Nursing students will receive the same amount.

My family are just as excited about this whole thing as I am, but at times I wonder if that’s just because they will have a spare room to do as they wish with. They have bought me lots of lovely books and I’ve kept the wonderful ‘good luck’ cards they have given me. My uncle has even bought me two fob watched for my placements and has promised me an engraved one when I graduate. I’ve attached photos of the things they have given me.ImageImageImageImage